Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 16 Part 3: Bagong Bansa, Bagong Galak, Sa Bagong Lipunan

Boom Shalock Lock Boom!

Think you're lost? Don't be alarmed, you're in the right place. This is Trash Radio Manila Episode 16 Part 3.

My music programmer actually had fun doing this playlist, so much so that I'd often catch him bobbing his head even during sleep long after having completed the segment. ;) I, too, enjoyed doing the content. So here's the playlist:

1. CIBO MATTO - "Who's Got The Light?"
2. THE MOHAWKS - "Pepsi"
3. HOUSE OF PAIN - "Shamrocks and Shenanigans (Boom Shalock Lock Boom) [Butch Vig Remix]"
4. DEATH THREAT - "Intro...I'm Back(skit)/ Nationwide Stick-Up"
5. MARLOWE - "Sanctuario"

High bitrate version is right here.

New York based Cibo Matto was formed back in 1994 by two Japanese ladies, Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda. They then became a five-piece band, reinforced by Timo Ellis, Sean Lennon (yes, that Sean Lennon), and Duma Love, and together they produced songs that are a unique blend of hip-hop, jazz, funk, techno, and everything else that they listened to; the most memorable of these songs arguably come from their album Viva La Woman. More about Cibo Matto in their offical site and in their MySpace account.

The Mohawks, despite the name, are not the crusty kind. Their songs came out in the late 60s in the British Pama label, the same label that released songs from Laurel Aitken, Mood Reaction, and The Inner Mind. The Mohawks was formed by the young Hammond playing Alan Hawkshaw in the early 60s and is best known for their No. 4 hit in the R & B charts, "The Champ."

House of Pain was short-lived, breaking up in 1996 after 4 years, 3 albums, some collaborations (of interest was their collaboration with Helmet in the Judgment Night Movie Soundtrack) and numerous brushes with the law. They are best known for their hit "Jump Around". Its three members went on to pursue separate careers, with Danny Boy forming an art company, Everlast pursuing a solo career, and DJ Lethal becoming a member of Limp Bizkit.

I'm pretty sure you guys have heard of Death Threat. You know, the Pinoy Rap group who did that memorable hit in the 90s, "Gusto Kong Bumait (Pero Di Ko Magawa)?" Their song "Nationwide Stick-Up" is in the album Death Threat IV. Death Threat, originally composed of rappers Genezide, Beware and DJ Radical M.K., is the first local gangsta rap group to release a record and counts the presently popular rap artist Gloc 9 as one of its members.

From the Ampon collective comes Marlowe, the Boholano who, according to his bio, has recently "...traded his extensive Hip Hop CD collection for an extremely rare autographed copy of Nietzsche's Ecce Homo" and has once auctioned his soul in eBay upon realizing that waiting for Death is a boring pursuit, only to find out that his highest bidder has no credit card. Sounds impressive; so does his song, "Sanctuario", which caps our playlist.

So there. Here's to another week of fun and surprises. Keep it here.

Lastly, let me share this one relevant quote.

When, during an interview with Matt Hilburn, Cibo Matto's Miho Hatori was asked the question, "How do you think your style reflects you being Japanese?", she said:

"We look Japanese...We're Asians? I guess we do have some things in common. Japanese music listeners are pretty open-minded...It's not like 'I am black and I only listen to hip-hop'...People don't listen to just one kind of music in Japan. They're not like that. There's domestic music and foreign music. That's the only division. People in Japan don't understand English, so they just enjoy the sound of the music ... French pop ... American pop ... It's all foreign music. You can see them next to each other in the record store. You can see Stevie Wonder and Slayer in the same section because they begin with "s." That kind of thing creates an original view of music. I think genres exist just for marketing. I feel Japanese people are more open-minded because there's not different races and music is not about politics..."

Oh yeah. I perfectly hear you, Miho. :)

Photos come the artists' websites. You know the drill. Click away.

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