Thursday, June 26, 2008

Now, Let's Get Serious...With The Gigs!

... and if you are one of those party people with OCD (keeping tab of gig scheds like a fiend), then you might want to take a look at our Gigs! Gigs! section at the siderail. Take note of the following dates:

June 26, 8pm (uhmm, today) - RED MUSIC 2: if you guys are in the Cagayan De Oro area, you might want to check this one out tonight. Do visit Corridor Music Group's MySpace site for details.

July 1, 7pm - Crux, the female-fronted Australian hardcore band cometh over to the banana shores. Catch them at Dayo Bar, QC alongside comebacking The Beauty Of Doubt, as well as Bystorm, Killratio, All Affected, Censorshit, and Sauna.

July 12, 9pm - I've already talked a great deal about this event. This is Throw's album launch entitled Keeping The Faith, to be held at Center For Arts in Timog Ave, QC.

July 26, 7pm - it's the Hong Kong HC stalwarts King Lychee sharing the stage with Shepherds The Weak in Hong Kong's Hardest, to be held at the Sta. Rosa (Laguna) Commercial Center.

Yes, children. You've been warned. ;)

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