Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 16 Part 1: Look to the Light and Play it Loud

We're back, people. Thought we've lost track of our episodes, after being gone for about a week or so? This, my friends, is Part 1 of Episode 16, and we've got some new stuff for you.

Our playlist:

2. THROW - "Fly"
3. MUSIC FRONT - "Let's Version (Dante Remix)"
4. ESKAPO - "The Fall of the I-Hotel"
5. THROW - "Throw Them All Away"

The first song is "Halina", written by Jess Santiago; this version is performed by the Concerned Artists Of The Philippines . You can find the lyrics to this song and other relevant stuff here.

We have here Throw, whose much-anticipated second album will be launched on July 12 at the Center for Arts along Timog Avenue, Quezon City, courtesy of MAIM and Row4 productions. This, my preciousssss, is one event that you should not miss. The line-up is powerhouse: bands throwing in (pardon the pun) their support are Betrayed, Music Front, The GoSignals, Tame The Tikbalang, and The Beauty of Doubt. Heard some tunes from their newest album and I must say the wait has been well worth it. We're giving you a sneak peak of sorts by including two new tracks off Throw's newest album, "Fly" and "Throw Them All Away".

Finally, Music Front has a decent demo recording. Well, almost. From what we've heard, the vocals have yet to be actually laid in, and what we are hearing are sampled sound bytes from Arnold. Capping off the segment is a track off the latest album from Eskapo titled "Wind Of Hell".

Yes, preciousssss, we are back. Go play it loud, and keep looking at the light.

Images courtesy of the artists' sites, all clickable. So click away.

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