Monday, June 9, 2008

Trash Radio Manila Episode 16 Part 2: There's No Bamboo Here, 'No?

Disappointed? What Bamboo are you looking for, anyway?!
Maybe you'd like to check the playlist to find out the sort of bamboo that we have here.

1. VICE SQUAD - "Killer Queen"
2. DEADLINE - "We're Taking Over"
3. THE IMPALERS - "Pocket Money"
4. BAMBOO - "Revolución"
6. THE ORDINARY BOYS featuring SUGGS - "My Girl"

Download dandier version of playlist here.

The first two tracks belong to the bands of two of the most attractive-looking frontwomen in punk today. Beki Bondage of Vice Squad (her raspy voice kind of reminds me of ... Nekbu! Or the other way around. ;)) is a veteran, having been around since the first incarnation of Vice Squad in 1978. On the other hand, Liz Rose fronts Deadline, a band that has been very active in the London Punk scene since 2001. Both women look absolutely foxy, have powerful voices, and are both sporting tatts. Coolness in the flesh.

Next come The Impalers, whose heavyweight line-up includes former members of bands such as Skankin' Pickle, The Rudiments, and The Inciters. Their latest full-length album, Blood, Rum & Reggae, is released under Axe Records, and one of the acts that The Impalers call their labelmates is no less than The Aggrolites.

Bamboo, the one we have in the playlist, that is, comes not from Manila, but from Mexico (not Mexico, Pampanga!) Bamboo, according to their MySpace write-up, " una banda que fusiona los diferentes generos del reggae como son el roots, dancehall, raggamuffin y rubadub para lograr un estilo de reggae único y con un toque mexicano trasmitiendo siempre un mensaje de amor, paz, y poniendo a la gente a bailar en armonia y unidad en sus presentaciones." Entiendes? Si!

Tim Armstrong of Rancid actually collaborated with The Aggrolites, creating A Poet's Life, one of the best albums we've heard from 2007. From that album comes "Translator", currently in our list. A Poet's Life showcases Armstrong's talent: deceptively simple lyrics, pop sensibilities ... it is actually hard to describe the music as belonging to any single genre. Just do yourself a favor and grab a copy of the album.

Finally, the Madness original "My Girl" is performed by The Ordinary Boys, featuring Suggs himself. That song perfectly wraps up Part 2 of Episode 16. Will see you guys in a few days with updates on &^%@% and !*+&# ... so stay tuned.

Photo of Beki and Liz from Liz's MySpace, Beki's from the Vice Squad MySpace and Liz's from her own. Bamboo's and Suggs' from their sites.

More announcements:

Throw's much anticipated album launching on July 12, called Keeping The Faith, also features the seemingly tireless Choke Cocoi, adding relatively young blood to the predominantly veteran line-up. Now this is one event you should not miss. Check out the poster on the side rail. Also check out the One Voice Asia poster featuring Sideline's gig in Cebu on June 21, and The Skaramouche poster (the Swiss band should be enjoying the beach down south as of this writing) as well.

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